About Us

Right People. Right On Time.

At Enterprise Staffing, our goal is providing your business with the right personnel for your needs, exactly when you need them, in a way that lowers your financial burden.

Enterprise Staffing excels at filling your need for personnel with a perfect match, every time. But then again, many other staffing companies claim to do the same- why work with us?

Why Choose Enterprise?

We interview before the interview.

We provide only qualified candidates to fill employers’ specific needs. Before you meet one of our candidates, we have already thoroughly interviewed them. Candidates are vetted by testing for: aptitude, ability, intelligence and character, ensuring you get exactly the personnel you need.

We are the candidates’ employer.

Once your candidate has been assigned, we are the employer, not you. This means Enterprise Staffing assumes total responsibility for the payment of their wages, the withholding of their taxes, their unemployment taxes, any worker’s compensation insurance required.

We are local and accountable.

We know what to do if we get the king cake baby. Local ownership means decisions get made quickly, and great customer service is right down the street.

We get tough so you get a reliable workforce. Enterprise has firm policies in place to limit employee no-shows and walk-offs. Accountability is prime.

We make sure you can make an informed candidate choice.

Enterprise staffing offers an industry-leading process that empowers you to make an informed buying decision whenever you need on-demand labor. Our entire on-demand roster is available for your review, complete with ratings compiled from the reviews given by previous customers. We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that when you bring on any personnel from Enterprise Staffing, they know what they’re doing, they’ve done it before and they’ve done it right.